Linguiyo Success Stories

Eileen Mendoza​ (San Francisco)

The teacher was amazing at condensing so much work into a very small time frame. She really helped us not only understand the basics of Hindi but also taught us the culture that comes with every phrase; this really proved successful when we were in India and seeing her knowledge and our practice come to life. I appreciated her patience in repeating everything 5 times for us and her style of teaching a language for groups like us who need to learn quickly.​

Bawa (Shanghai)

The teacher is amazing. I attended her classes before starting studies in Shanghai and her teaching helped me a lot. She has that natural flair as a teacher which helps connect students with diverse backgrounds. It was really a privilege to be her student. I look forward to learning more from her in the future. She is very patient and easy going when teaching (which is really a necessity when teaching mandarin :) 

Jaya Saxena (New York)

Studying Hindi with my amazing teacher has been such a wonderful experience. She quickly breaks down the structure of the language, allowing students to begin really speaking within just a few lessons. She's a fun and engaging teacher, and after a year of lessons, I already feel on my way to fluency.

Nichole Vasquez​ (San Francisco)

My teacher is very detail-oriented and would be a great asset to any company! I was a student in her Hindi class, and she prepared myself and six others for a three-month stay in India with Hindi skills and knowledge of Indian culture. My teacher is patient and loves teaching those around her!

Anubhav Arya (Delhi, India)

I was her student in Delhi. She has the expertise and good command over this language. Also, she is very hardworking and makes every effort to impart the required knowledge to her students. These skill sets are very helpful for professional life and can make her an important asset for any organization.