Anime will lead your way to learn Japanese!

Since WWII all Japanese students have studied English at school and the English language is the most spoken second language in Japan behind Japanese of course.

English is mostly used in Business settings but Japanese culture will pretend to understand more English than they actually do because they are such a polite nation.

When you are learning Japanese and talking to natives of Japan whether you are speaking English or Japanese speak slowly and precisely and in short sentences to get your point across clearly.

Do not ask rhetorical questions and as much as you can avoid using idioms.

Writing in Japanese

Study with supervision. When you write in Japanese you will be judged on every stroke. In English if you write letters slightly different it is not judged in a bad light it is just your own unique handwriting, but when you are writing in Japanese you will be looked at as being lazy or you did not want to learn correctly.

This is the same when you are eating in public or at a guest's house using chopsticks. If you do not use them the correct way in Japanese culture it will be looked at and noticed.

The basics of Kanji knowing the difference between stopping the pen stroke with a sudden halt and with a swoosh. This is something you need to understand when learning to write in Japanese.

You must focus on the hard parts and fundamentals of Japanese. Basic conversation, learning about family names, and time and particles will be essential when you first get started learning this language.

Repetition, repetition, and finally repetition as this language can be one of the hardest languages to learn as a Western native.

Cartoons, Drama’s and Anime

Anime and Manga comics have blown up in western culture and have created a massive fan base across the world showing Japanese culture and their love for telling stories in new and original mediums.

By reading official translations in both English and Japanese this is a perfectly entertaining way to keep your mind active and not bored while also learning while you have fun.

Manga and Anime can also be a simple language that will be easier to understand and learn so it will be a great start before trying to read very difficult literature with a much larger vocabulary. 


You can practice translating these comics word for word from Japanese to English to help you with the language and the context which will expand your vocabulary. But you should also read newspapers because this will offer more useful words that you will use in everyday life.

Japan is a culture of politeness, invention, efficiency, and punctuality. Their bullet trains are the fastest in the world and if they are 10 seconds late your journey is free. This says everything about this fascinating and impressive nation of bold ideas and innovation.

If you want to immerse yourself into this beautiful language please click to enquire now.

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