French Fries are not so French after all!

France is a large European country with a very influencing culture that has been expanded across the globe promoting its cuisine, style, fashion, and language.

I have been to France too many times to count and each time I learn something new and find a nice slice that is new, exciting, and different every time.

French culture has a massive influence from Gallo-Roman, Celtics, and even the Franks Germanic people. In the Iron Age and Roman era, the area was commonly known as Gaul for centuries.

Language and religion 

French is the second most popular to learn as a second language behind English. The country's population has roughly 70 million residents and around 120 million students around the world learning French every year on average. French resident's religious beliefs are predominantly Catholic over half of the population declare themselves Roman Catholic. Other large religious groups are Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism with nearly 30 percent claiming no religion.

The French stereotype of being stuck up or arrogant is often misinterpreted. They are a very proud nation who take pride in their heritage, nation, and history. 

French Literature

Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas are two of France’s legendary writers whose literature has leaped off the page and inspired and touched cultures and generations for the last 100 years. French spirits, intellect, knowledge, and sophistication can be seen in the architecture, food, wine, and fashion worn by the French people not just in the capital Paris but across the nation.

French Cuisine

French cooking and cuisine are viewed as the highest class or quality and taste and always rank high up on people's favorite styles of food.

Using heavy sauces and a focus on quality ingredients and plating French restaurants are sought after globally.

French fries may not be French as the story goes. It was Thomas Jefferson who discovered the fried potatoes while serving as American Minister and brought the tasty treat back home with him to the states. 

Learning French

French is a romantic language with a musical sound to it. When spoken fluently it is almost like people sing to one another and also portray passion and sensuality that most languages do not have.

It is a little more difficult for English speakers learning in comparison to Spanish for example, however, when I first started to learn French I focused on the sounds and pronunciation, rehearsing lines and reading even before I understood what the words meant. This gave me an idea of the sounds and ways I needed to move my tongue when speaking. It was hard at first but after much practice, patience, and error I got there in the end.

Tips for trips

If you go to France you have to go to Paris and do the tourist side of your travel but I do recommend going to the Alps, witnessing the life and beauty of small French villages and going south towards Nice and Marseille. The southern region is gorgeous, hot, and has some of the best sailing and beaches in the world.

If you want to immerse yourself into this beautiful language please click to enquire now.

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