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Why learn about Italy?

In 2020 people will tell you that you will be better off learning Mandarin or Spanish than Italian? Of course, it is not as popular in business as the languages just mentioned; however, it is still an extremely useful language to speak and not just that it is more of a niche language that can create amazing opportunities for you and your career in the future.

Not only that but Italian is a gorgeous language with style and charisma like no other. The passion and expression you need to deliver to a local native really bring a special connection when speaking and listening to an Italian.

There are over 65 million people who speak Italian as their native first language, other countries with a large number of people speaking Italian are; Switzerland, Romania, Slovenia, and Bosnia.

Italian speaking will also be found in multicultural Cities across the World and especially in New York where Italian Americans still often learn and speak Italian with their older generations.

Italian’s Export Beauty

The world would be a very different place if we took out all of the Italian influence, art, ideas, philosophies, and literature from existence. Imagine a world without masters like Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and Botticelli. You cannot, right?

Fashion moguls like Dolce and Gabanna, Salvatore Ferragamo, or even Giorgio Armani have Italian as their native first language and amazingly we haven’t even got started talking about the Italian ingenious car designs and models from Ferrari, Bugatti, and Lamborghini.

The perfect blend of sophistication, style, sexiness, and ingenuity. Italian culture is full of this passion for innovation and doing this impossible.

When you choose to learn a new language it helps if you actually enjoying hearing the sounds and flow common in the language. In this instance, Italian is a no brainer because you can’t find many languages more enjoyable to listen to for hours on end.

A love language with rhythm and melody is known as the language of seduction is another reason why young adults are drawn to learning this sweet-sounding language and culture. 

You will find when visiting Italy is there are fewer Italians who speak fluent English than other major European countries like Spain, France, and Germany.

Italians learn some English in schools, but it is not as common to be fluent in English.

Learning Italian as an English speaker will open up great opportunities on your travels with locals and work opportunities. Italians love to hear foreigners try to speak their language and will embrace you and look at you more than just another foreign tourist too lazy to even try.

Get out of your comfort zone.

Conversing with Italians native will help you improve your ear and your pronunciation. And focus on smaller towns and villages in areas where most people you come across will speak no English. It will force you out of your comfort zone to try harder to talk and understand the locals.

If you want to immerse yourself into this beautiful language please click to enquire now.

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