Portugal a sleeping giant in a hidden paradise!

I fell in love with Portugal when I first visited years ago when I was just 17 years old. I went back last year and spent a few weeks on the beaches of Faro. What an amazing paradise this city and country is. The sea and surf is amazing, the people are friendly, and the architecture and food is full of color and taste.

If you want to visit a country with incredible golf courses and lifestyle than look no further than Portugal. The language is exotic and exciting to learn just like getting to know the people and culture.

A sleeping giant

Portuguese is spoken in 8 independent countries most commonly known nations are of course Portugal and Brazil. It is the native tongue of Angola, Cape Verde, and East Timor respectively.

Only 5% of native Portuguese Speakers live in Portugal

Brazil and Mozambique have the largest population of Portuguese speakers but it is rather astonishing that around 1 in 20 people who are native Portuguese speakers are outside of Portugal. It shows you how much this nation has spread across the globe to influence different nations and cultures to where they use the same language to communicate on a daily basis.

Portuguese is the fastest-growing European language just behind English respectively. It is the sixth most spoken language on Earth and the projections and numbers show that Portuguese could become a new international communication language just like English and Spanish.

Portugal just like Spain and Turkey are highly influenced by Arabic. Many of the Portuguese words have Arabic origins two examples of this are; Olive which is azeitona and almofada which means cushion.

When learning Portuguese a big difficulty most English speakers find is trying to figure out the verb tense for six different conjugations. An example of this would be to write in English has two conjugations in the present tense whereas in Portuguese six.

Patience, practice, and repetition

Portuguese also have two verbs that mean to be. To be in English is known and universal in the language but in Portuguese, they have estar and ser. Ser is unchanging and permanent whereas estar is used for weather or a mood that can change and is temporary.

Forget about pride!

Watching movies in Portuguese and TV shows that I am very familiar with helped me a lot while learning Portuguese. Especially the pronunciation and tone when speaking this beautiful language.

Don’t be afraid to speak and make mistakes. Forget about pride and wanting to do everything perfectly. The only way you will ever get perfect at speaking Portuguese or any language is by making thousands of mistakes because you have the confidence to practice and speak even when you don’t know.

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