Why Learning Language is Important for our Future of Communication?

Updated: May 12, 2020

Language: the basic, fundamental building block for communication across all cultures. Language is the one thing that connects us as human beings and yet divides us, causing barriers to our understanding. There are apparent daily advantages to learning a language, whether that be a foreign language or simply improving your natal language skills. From the time we are born to the time we reach adolescence, language is thrust upon us through rigorous practice techniques and teachings. Every language teacher prides themselves on how well their students can retain grammar rules and integrate them into their communication- verbally and written. Now, in modern times, our ways of communicating and learning language art skills are changing. What will the future of language look like? Let us explore a few reasons why learning language is important for our future of communication.

Improve Intellectual Capital

Learning language- a foreign one or improving your natal tongue- will significantly increase what is known as intellectual capital. Essentially, this means your communication and writing skills will be enhanced, making yourself more knowledgeable and intelligent. Imagine you are a hiring manager at a prestigious corporation. Which candidate would stick out to you most, someone with minimal language knowledge or someone with excellent grammar who is also bilingual? Language is a valuable tool to use for opening the door to opportunity, whether that be for a job or fostering your own personal growth in some way. Language is the easiest way to make yourself- mentally- more valuable.

Greater Cultural Understanding

Our Earth’s amazing cultures all across the globe are more blended than ever, thanks to modern technology and a human desire for connectivity. Learning a foreign language allows us to truly communicate and understand other people who come from backgrounds different than our own. Language can serve as a translator of worlds, offering the opportunity to connect on a level unheard of in the past. In a society often plagued by intolerance for misunderstandings, now is the perfect time for young adults (and children) to use language in the name of good. 

Higher Brain Performance

Did you know that learning language actually has cognitive benefits? Learning a foreign language and taking the time to improve your native language skills has been scientifically proven to increase brain performance. Bilingual individuals often have larger brains, better memory, heightened creativity, and overall higher brain functions. Learning language keeps your mind "on its toes" and, thus, more activated than individuals who have minimal language skills.

Virtual Ways of Learning: The Future of Communication

Traditional methods of learning language include reading books or being taught by a teacher. Now, our digital world offers virtual ways of learning- straight from the palm of our hand. We live in an era where a foreign language can be learned through Linguiyo instead of visiting a classroom and undergoing hours of classes and homework assignments. The future of communication is virtual, and it will continue to evolve along with technology. How will you change the future of communication?

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