Turkish Coffee Fortune Reading

30 min. | $50

Turkish coffee fortune reading is an authentic tradition dating back to the Ottoman empire of the 1600s. After drinking this sweet, espresso-like coffee, it is customary to read one's fortune from the remaining coffee grinds.


Per the old school Turkish style, we prepare the coffee on the hot sand. The grinds are then projected onto an iPad screen - via endoscope camera - allowing for a visual fortune-telling experience unlike any other. The symbols and figures inside your coffee cup are interpreted right before your eyes!


These readings are always fun, light-hearted, but most importantly - insightful!


Meet your Turkish coffee cultural expert, Uluc!

I'm Uluç Ülgen, the host of "The Turkish Coffee Fortune Reading." In the last 4 years, over 2,000 guests have visited my East Village apartment for a cup of authentic Turkish Coffee followed by a personalized fortune read from their coffee grounds! The project has earned coverage in publications such as the New York Post, The Paris Review, and National Public Radio. I’m so excited to bring this experience to you online!

What do I bring?
Any cup of coffee
How do I participate?

Join via zoom. Download Zoom for free on a desktop or mobile device. 

Once your booking is complete, you’ll receive an email with a link and details on how to join.